Three fonts (OpenType) were derived from the data gathered from the Aerial Bold Project - Aerial Bold Buildings, Suburbia, and Provence. The fonts were crafted with Marco Berends and the help of Daniel Utz. GlpyhsApp was used to build the fonts. Hover over each of the letters to reveal more details:

Aerial Bold Buildings

The Aerial Bold, Buildings font was created from building letterforms sourced from all over the world. The building details were vectorized by hand from the the aerial image to give an impression of the roofs, windows, chimneys, and other characterstic building features.

Aerial Bold Suburbia

The Aerial Bold, Suburbia font was created from the roads and houses that comprise the suburban landscape of much of North America and Europe.

Aerial Bold Provence

The Aerial Bold, Provence font was created from collections of trees mostly found on the French countryside. The aerial images of these trees were processed and vectorized to give the feeling of depth and texture that make up these manicured landscapes.