The Aerial Bold Project was made possible by hundreds of people who helped by contributing funding, blogging about the project, submitting letters via the letterhunt, sending encouraging emails, exhibiting the project, and more. A handful of artists, designers, scientists, and developers also helped to bring this project to fruition and are listed below:

Idea & Concept

Benedikt Groß and Joey Lee

Funding, Data, & Support

All the kickstarter backers!, All the letter hunters!, Mapbox!

Kickstarter Video

David Leonard (Concept & Idea, Production, & Creative Direction), Benedikt Groß & Joey Lee (Concept & Idea), Stephan Bogner (Animation)


Benedikt Groß & Joey Lee (Concept & Idea/Web Development), Marco Berends (Design & Testing), Sergei Basharov (Web Development)


Benedikt Groß & Joey Lee (Concept & Idea/Web Development), and Dmitry Utkin, Demeter Sztanko, Philipp Schmitt (Web Development) and Jonas Friedemann Heuer (Sound Design)

Aerial Bold Fonts

Benedikt Groß & Joey Lee (Concept & Idea), Marco Berends (Fonts Design), Daniel Utz (Adivce & Tutorials), Andreas Eigendorf (Adivce Font Mastering) and Bjørn Karmann (Photos Posters)

Machine Learning I (Proof of Concept, OCR Approach)

Benedikt Groß, Andi Weiss, 47nord, Noor Eddin and Urban Liebel (Adivce)

Machine Learning II (Msc Thesis)

Ankita Agrawal (Classifier), Markus Schneider (Mentor), Prof. Wolfgang Ertel (First Reviewer), Prof. Benedikt Groß (Second Reviewer), and the Institute for Artificial Intelligence (IKI) of the HS Ravensburg-Weingarten

Data Reviewer

Esther Stern, Marco Berends, Maik Groß, Flo Stözler, Benedikt Groß & Joey Lee